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ASEP Consultores S.V. is a company that was created in Mendoza in 1996 to assist and advice companies of public transportation in accidents and crashes.

Through time, after the permanent transformations in the insurance market, especially of the companies that provide assistant services to the Insurance Companies in the area, we have decided to add services, focusing on the customer’s satisfaction, being considered as clients not only Insurance Companies, Transportation Companies and Public Organisms but also the individual, regarded as the first element in the commercial chain.

It is esencial in our Company the fact that we have a vast experience in helping, assistig and investigating Road Accidents, being present in the place and moment of ocurrence or afterwards, having acquired a Know How developed for that particular service, to fulfill the needs of someone who has suffered an accident, as a victim or not, disregarding its nature. Subsequently, our intention is to be avant-garde in the provided services where, not only we cover the technical aspects but, above all, we take care of the “Member and their loved ones”. Because of this, and to be consistent with our Quality Premises, is that accidentology, a technical subject, leads us to be in constant search of newer and better services, not only technological but also based on human interaction.

At present we are performing our activities in Mendoza – Argentina, with all the technical and technological posibilities (own softwords developed by our technicians) to start our activity in any town, region province or country.

With Customers Assistant, at the place of the accident, (it includes the taking the demand at the customer’s address), 24 hours a day, the whole year round, parameters fof the quality evaluation of the circumstantial facts y and the quantitative evaluation of damages can be properly established, allowing the possibility of having an objective vision of the accident and its consequences.

ASEP Consultores S.V., offers its customers or their customers, important benefits through its high value services in the different areas: MANAGEMENT, ACCIDENTS, COMERCIAL, LEGAL / MEDICAL and CUSTOMER SERVICE, through a different COMMUNICATIONAL relation among them.

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After studying the happenings, characteristics, treatment and micro and macro economic result of the ROAD ACCIDENTS, we have elaborated a proposal which through OUT SOURCING assistance allows Particular Clients, Companies of Public Transportation, Insurance Companies or Oficial Organisms, to do an excellent análisis and control of the accidents, internally and externally..

ASEP Consultores S.V., through a concept of immediate services, brand new to the insurance market, gives to your consideration a choice to achieve the best company for your management through its product Código Azul.

The service presented here it is considered to be of great importance for the proper assistance of injured people, accidents control, operational costs reduction and a very professional clients service.


The ASSISTENCE in the place of the accident, disregarding of the accident’s characteristics, allows our company to obtain a thorough information of the accident’s characteristics to determine the guiltyness or not of the client. Through this action, with the possibility of “being by your side” in a critic situation, we pretend that you consider CODIGO AZUL as your first contact, which will efficiently advice you to help you solve your problems.


The system ASEP Consultores S.V. gives us the possibility of having a continuous and permanent control of the mechanic development of the accident, having a complementary, strict and objective vision, not only of the structural part but also of the performance of those who have to act in its resolution, emphasizing the degragation of expenses and the evaluation of the accident as a whole (medical, legal, logistic) aspects that are not generally included in external schemes (doctor, lawyer, engineer, mechanic engineer).
We establish external and internal controls (digitalization of documents, enviroment and damages photos), through the permanent incorporation of data, detail of expenses, medical expert reports, legal and engineering reports, transforming our performance in a practical way of efficiently reducing operacional costs in our Central Office, Subsidiaries and / or Agencies.


To offer as an additional service, the simplicity of a 0800, as a unique reference for the 24 hour attention, in any kind of accident (with or without injuries), personal attention in the event and the gathering of information for your clients, among others, are absolute relevant elements at the moment of establishing sales campaigns, which can be done clearly and with proved operational advantages.


The PRESENCE of STAFF from ASEP Consultores S.V. in the place and at the moment of the accident, besides constituting an important comercial effect, offers the possibility of establishing the circumstances in which the event happened, preventing the appearance of FRAUDE, and transforming this service in the ideal complement of the operational system of accidents management being used, having the possibility of materializing the rapidity required for this kind of service.


Through the 24 hours attention, with the presence of the staff of ASEP Consultores S.V., we design the mechanic study, enviroment photographic reports, damages and relationship of the participants (drivers and/or injured people), providing vital information (injured evolution) for the evaluation on behalf of our professionals, avoiding unnecessary legal acctions, shortening steps and time for a profitable resolution, due to the rapidity in the resolution of the cases.


The assistance of the client in due time, the possibility of doing a virtual movement of the accident’s area, the taking of the claim in the place of the happenings, in the client’s house or place of work, allows us not only to efficiently use our resources, but also to have a distinctive element, which is to maintain a chain of services, coherent with a policy of permanent fidelity to the client.
If we also add the recovery management in cases where the client is the victim, the customer service equation is stable and consequent.


1. The service area with personal assistance in the place of the accident, in the first step covers 35 km. from our operational central office (ex. Mendoza . Argentina), but with a national coverage since the settling of our operational team is immediate. In this way, our performance in any Country, Province or City it is effective to offer all the described services, keeping the same service and communicational squeme, without taking into account the place of assistance.

Assistance 24 hs.

This is a service that should be taken into consideration since OUR STAFF ASSISTANCE, to own CLIENTS, is fundamental at the moment of the accident (it includes the administrative claim), due to the high amount of negative feelings that sorrounds the event, it is necessary to have a person who could guide, advice or just accompany the client in that traumatic moment.  Besides, the technical / technological support together with the help of data and photographs, complete the set of services that is in our clients’ hands within seven hours. This also includes the legal opinion of the accident.

Ingeneering Accident Atention

This item is related to a thorough study of the data provided by the participants in the accident and the details gathered to have a complete panorama of the accident.

If we add to what has been described above the information provided by environmental photographic reports digitally taken of the place of the accident, the technical possibility of doing a scheme of the perimeter through a scale Parcial Drawing and to have the access to all these data in a proper Company’s Computer System, the resolution of the accident is done with technical / technological basis, in a fast and economic way, having as the centre of the input THE CLIENT.

Medical Aid Emergency (optional)

This service includes the assistance of the injured, transported or not, being family or not, from the place and time of the accident, by the Emergency Service provided by ASEP Consultores S.V., taken to any of the hospitals designed in each case.

As included services we can highlight, Medical Attention in Emergencies (1), X Rays (2), and prescripted drugs by a competent doctor (1). This radically improves the service since it allows our company to analyse the degree of guiltyness, the immediate relationship of the injured, first sight information about the injuries, treatment evaluation and analysis of the attention that may be needed in the future, determining the qualification and possible incapacities. (Opinions given by competent professionals)
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